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Health Benefits of Bladderwrack Powder

Bladderwrack Powder Uses

bladderwrack powder

Bladderwrack powder can be added to broth, soup, salad, and cooked with grains and vegetables to impart its natural minerals and other nutrients. It can also be used as a regular salt (iodine) alternative.

Please read Bladderwrack Warning before you start taking bladderwrack products.

What is Bladderwrack?

Bladderwrack is a brown alga from Fucaceae family, bladderwrack scientific name is fucus vesiculosus. Mostly found in the northern hemisphere shorelines, bladderwrack has been in use for centuries as a food source either for humans or animals. This post will cover bladderwrack powder uses, bladderwrack nutritional facts, and bladderwrack health benefits.

raw bladderwrack
ad – Raw Bladderwrack

In many Asian countries like Japan and Korea, bladderwrack is used as a common food source. In many European countries, it is used as an addictive and flavoring agent in numerous food products.

Bladderwrack Nutritional Facts

This brown alga bladderwrack is a natural source of minerals. Bladderwrack contains high concentration of iodine, various L-focus compounds, and heavy metals like arsenic. Bladderwrack powder can be taken to cure thyroid and iodine deficiency.

Bladderwrack is mostly used and well known for its pro-thyroid effect and treating iodine deficiency disorders.

Bladderwrack Powder Health Benefits

You are advised not to take bladderwrack directly from the ocean, alway use processed and prepared bladderwrack products after consulting with your doctor.

Bladderwrack Powder as a Natural Iodine Source

Bladderwrack powder can be used to treat iodine deficiency disorders.

Bladderwrack powder and other bladderwrack product are mostly used to treat thyroid, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism caused due to iodine deficiency.

Bladderwrack Powder for Weight Loss

Bladderwrack powder is available for consumption as dietary supplement for weight loss. You can add a teaspoonful of bladderwrack powder to boiling, a cup of water for 20-25 minutes and drink it twice a day not thrice. Bladderwrack powder intake can reduce serum cholesterol.

Bladderwrack Warning

Since level of iodine varies among various bladderwrack products. This is why, regular overdose intake of bladderwrack supplement may increase the risk of developing hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Also, bladderwrack may worsen acne, and decrease iron absorption.

Bladderwrack like other sea plants can concentrate toxic heavy metal like arsenic surrounding from sea water. Many reports suggest that bladderwrack with heavy metals are accountable for kidney failure and kidney disease.

Also, heavy metal products are not suitable for pregnant women, children, and patients with kidney disease.

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