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Stir Fried Wakame With Mushroom

stir fried wakame with mushroom

If you like wakame and mushroom and would like to combine both for your next meal adventure this might be worth trying. You can take many mushroom that you like, strip it, soak the wakame in water for 5-8 minutes, strain and dry. Heat oil (sesame oil) in pan on high flame, cook your mushroom … Read more

Kaiso Salad Recipe with Ponzu Vinaigrette

kaiso salad

What is Kaiso? Kaiso means assorted dried edible seaweed. You can find Kaiso (assorted = mix) seaweed package at the Asian supermarket or online. It contains common seaweeds like dried Wakame, Sugi-Nori, Wakame Stems, White Ear mushroom ( a sea vegetable ), Agar-Agar, etc. Please read the Kaiso Salad package before you buy it. Kaiso … Read more