Thyroid Symptoms, Causes, & Cure

thyroid symptoms

Thyroid Thyroid disease is that state in which thyroid gland over or under functions. In our body, thyroid gland plays a very vital role. The thyroid gland is responsible for generating thyroid hormones in the body which is essential for the metabolism of the body. Watch out for thyroid symptoms and identify the type of …

Omega 3 Benefits

omega 3 benefits

What is Omega 3? Omega 3 is the fatty acids which are polyunsaturated in nature and they are made up of one double bond in chemical structure. Our body has the ability to synthesized fatty acids, but it does not have enzymes that will allow our body to stick around right spot to create omega …

Eat Algae (Seaweed) Lose Weight Fast

algae for weight loss

Algae/Seaweeds not only help you reduce weight, but also have other properties like anti-aging. That keeps young and charming.