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Kelp – For Strong & Shiny Hair, Weight Loss, And Glowing Skin

It’s no secret that Kelp is a super food and there are numerous health benefits of eating kelp. People all over the world, are already experimenting with kelp in various ways to include it into their daily diet. Today, I am mainly going to focus on health benefits of eating kelp and especially hair growth and hair treatment, weight loss and weight management, and skin protection and skin health.

If you want your shiny hair back, unwanted fat off your belly, and want to look younger glowing skin. Then this post will help you understand why kelp is the answer to many health issues.

Let us have a glimpse at nutritional aspects of Kelp and understand why this kelp is a super food and people are falling in love with it.

Kelp for hair growth

Kelp contains various nutrients like iodine, iron, L-lysine, Vitamins A, B, C and D that beneficial to our hair. Kelp shampoo and Kelp hair conditioner are already available in the market and people in some parts of the world and women and girls given positive feedback about kelp for strong and shiny hair.

Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner

Here is why kelp is good for out hair health.

Iodine -You may or may not know that kelp contains a huge amount of iodine in it. This is important for your hair health and growth. Diseases like Thyroid and others are linked to hair loss and iodine plays an essential role in the treatment of such diseases. While kelp plays an important role in healthy thyroid and hair growth, anyone with thyroid issues should seek medical help before adding kelp to their routine.

Iron- The female hair loss pattern is directly related to an iron deficiency in your body. Iron is not only important for your hair growth but, it’s also potentially vital for your whole body. Kelp provides you with the adequate amount of iron that your hair and body needs.

L-lysine- L-lysine is one of the most essential amino acids. But as your body cannot make it by itself, you need to get it from any type of outside source like Kelp.

Vitamins A, B, C, and more- Vitamins like A, B, C, and others are potentially vital for your hair growth. Kelp plays a very important role in providing you will all these vitamins which help in the growth of your hair.

Kelp for weight loss

Kelp Dietary Supplement

Kelp isn’t only a nutrient-dense food that’s low in fat and calories. Some studies suggest that kelp may also have a positive result on weight loss and treating obesity. It contains dietary fiber which helps in blocking fat in our body.

A study explains that Kelp consists of a natural fiber named alginate which inhibits fat absorption by 75%. This results in proving kelp as a weight maintenance supplement that is to be added to food items like yogurt. Still, more researches are needed to confirm these particular findings. Studies also suggest that kelp helps in maintaining a healthy blood glucose level.

Kelp for Skin benefits

Sea Kelp Bio-ferment for skin

Kelp is a rich source of minerals and antioxidants that are good for healthy skin. Now, you will learn how kelp helps you keep your skin healthy.

It keeps the skin calm and soothes dry skin- Kelp is rich in minerals and antioxidants which are very helpful in softening and hydrating dry skin. Not only that but it also helps skin in retaining its moisture and keeps it hydrated for a longer time. It reduces breakouts on your skin and removes harmful toxins from underneath your skin.

Sea Kelp Mud Mask

Kelp contains a lot of antioxidants that protects skin against harmful UV rays and daily pollution. It also guards your skin against external aggressors. Protecting your skin from such harmful toxins will result in slowing down your aging process and your skin will feel younger for a longer period of time.


If you want to experience all the benefits that kelp offers you, you need to try some different ways to make the most of this awesome plant. Hair, body, or skin, kelp can help you with any of these issues by offering you all the beneficial nutrients it has. So, make the most of it.

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