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Planting Irish Moss: How to Grow Irish Moss Step By Step Guide

Are you planning to plant Irish moss (Sagina subulata) on your lawn? But you are confused about how and where to start? Don’t worry, because you will find everything you need in this article. Irish Moss, also known as Scottish Moss or Corsican Pearlwort, is among the common choices among gardeners. It increases the view of the landscape and adds beautiful finishing touches to your garden. From planting it into a container to growing in a terrarium, Irish Moss can be grown in any environment you want. Irish Moss is a pretty low maintenance plant. The plant will grow right on an average nutrient level and well-draining soil. Continue reading if you want to know more.

How to Grow Irish Moss?

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Step 1: Choose the right Irish Moss Plant.

Growing Irish Moss directly from seed can take two to three weeks. If you want to skip that step, then visit a local plant nursery. Choose Irish Moss that is growing well and looks healthy. You can take help from the gardener at the plant nursery to pick out the right plant for your garden. Do not forget to purchase the right fertilizer along with the plant.

Step 2: Find a suitable growing spot for your plant.

Irish Moss doesn’t particularly enjoy sunny locations. So try to grow it in the more cooler spot where it can tolerate minimum sunlight. If you live in warmer climate zones, you will have to protect them from the hot afternoon sun. Next, find a place where the ground has proper drainage. It is a crucial step, so pick the right location for its survival.

Step 3 – Place Holes for the Irish Moss plant

Get rid of small rocks, weeds, and other debris from the soil. Then, dig holes in the land for the plant roughly six to eight inches apart. Make sure that the holes are as deep as the plants you are placing in the soil. Place holes for each of the plants, then fill with fertilizer. Do not overuse the fertilizer.

Step 4: Place the plant in the soil

After completing the third step, place the Irish Moss inside the hole and gently cover them with the soil.

Step 5: Place Mulch Around the plant

Make sure to use organic compost place mulch around your plant. Mulch mostly helps to conserve soil moisture. If organic compost is not available, then a regular plant or flowering mulch is suitable as well.

Step 6: Water the plant to keep the soil moist

Last but not least, water the Irish Moss plant regularly for the first few weeks. But make sure not to overwater the soil or else the plant will die. As discussed in the second step, choose adequate drainage spots, which will help the Irish Moss to retain the water and to grow and survive. If the soil below two inches feels dry to the touch, the water the top four to six inches of soil.

Things to keep in mind

If you take proper care, it might take a few years for Irish Moss to grow one inch in height. You can trim the grass if it begins to grow on the pavement. To maintain its green color, make sure to protect the plants from direct harsh sunlight. Besides, during summer, water Irish Moss regularly or else it won’t survive. Furthermore, it won’t grow in drought conditions.

Lastly, enjoy the delightful view of your garden. Also, get ready to receive compliments from your relatives and friends for the eye-catching Irish moss plant. If you want to grow in different areas, turn you can find numerous ideas and DIYs online. So go and add a touch of elegance to your garden now!

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