Organic Sea Grapes


Organic Sea Grapes, Umibudo

  1.  Delicious Green Caviar Seaweed
  2.  Dehydrated Sea grapes in Brine

Sea Grapes, also known as

  • green caviar
  • Umibudo

Sea grapes are a healthy, nutritious vegan, gluten-free seaweed snack or side dish.

No additives, preservatives or hidden sugars and no cooking required.

Completely natural, easy to prepare and ready in 6 minutes.

Experience this tasty, mouth popping, delicious delicacy.

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How to prepare sea grapes?

  • Rinse for 10 seconds under running water.
  • Soak them in cold water for 5 minutes (reduces saltiness).
  • Rinse again and enjoy as salad or with sauces you love.


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