Purple Sea Moss


Purple Sea Moss by Holistic Bin, Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss Organic Raw, 50 grams

  • 100% RAW & NATURAL

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  • FULL OF MINERALS & NUTRIENTS: Organic irish sea moss contains 92 minerals that the body needs to function at optimal performance like iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. This superfood is a naturally potent source of amino acids, protein and antioxidants.l
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: Our wild sea moss irish moss is naturally grown and harvested in an eco-friendly way that makes it sustainable and free from factory growing processes. It is completely raw with absolutely nothing added.
  • 100% RAW & NATURAL: Holistic Bin purple wildcrafted sea moss has been tripled rinsed in natural ocean waters from St. Lucia and sun dried. It is raw and packed with plenty of natural sea salts to maintain its freshness, and it has a distinct ocean smell and taste.
  • GREAT FOR VEGANS: Organic irish moss is a great vegan substitute for gelatin or eggs. Sea moss will help to emulsify or thicken your recipes and is excellent for puddings, mousses and creams.
  • HOW TO ENJOY: Organic sea moss will need to be rinsed in spring water to remove any salt crystals or powder. Now that the moss is nice, clean & freshly rinsed you can make a delicious organic sea moss gel, roasted seaweed chips or sea moss toppings.


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