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Stir Fried Wakame With Mushroom

stir fried wakame with mushroom

If you like wakame and mushroom and would like to combine both for your next meal adventure this might be worth trying. You can take many mushroom that you like, strip it, soak the wakame in water for 5-8 minutes, strain and dry. Heat oil (sesame oil) in pan on high flame, cook your mushroom … Read more

Difference Between Wakame and Kombu (Wakame vs Kombu)

kombu vs waakame

Wakame vs Kombu Wakame and kombu are very common edible seaweeds/algae  from the brown algae family, both have been served in Asian countries for centuries and recently people have started experimenting with these seaweeds all over the world. The main difference between wakame and kombu is how they are used in the kitchen. In Japanese … Read more