Blue Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae Family is actually types of bacteria known as Cyanobacteria. They are normally looking green, but sometimes they may turn bluish when scums are dying. Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic and aquatic and live in water & capable to manufacture their own food.

These are one of the largest and most important groups of bacteria on Earth. They provide nitrogen fertilizer in the cultivation of beans and rice. The oxygen atmosphere that human beings depend on was generated by numerous Blue-Green Algae family during the Proterozoic and Archaean Eras.

Algae, in general, are the great alternative food source, have been used for centuries in the some of the Asian countries. In the last decade algae foodstuff, supplements, skin care, snacks, biogas, and biofuel production has increased as an industry. And it is good for the society, human being, and the environment.

Blue-Green Algae

The Cyanophyta or blue-green algae share the kingdom Monera with the Schizomycophyta or bacteria because both are distinguished by a procaryotic type of intracellular organization, where the protoplast of the cell does not contain organelles conspicuously delimited from the surrounding cytoplasm.

The blue-green algae, however, share the property of an oxygen-evolving type of photosynthesis with the eucaryotic algae and higher plants and produce phycoerythrin and phycocyanin, two photosynthetic pigments characteristic of the Rhodophyta, or red algae, and one or two other smaller groups.

It has been suggested that the organelles of eukaryotic cells, such as the chloroplast, arose from a blue-green algal-like endosymbiont within an otherwise nonphotosynthetic cell. The phylogenetic affinities of the blue-green algae, therefore, are of considerable interest.

Blue Green Algae Uses 

 Blue-Green Algae are a large and diverse group of simple and plant-like organism that found in some large fresh water lakes and salt water. It contains a small number of vitamins, protein, beta carotene, fatty acids, and some minerals. There are many uses of Blue-Green Algae that are the following:

  • The blue-green algae can protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and cardiovascular disease. It is because of that it is capable to improve blood lipid profiles and prevent oxidative and inflammation stress which are the main reasons for the development of heart disease. It contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), Carotenoids, Fibers, Phycocyanin and Plant Sterols that can be helpful in preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver and heart diseases.
  • These are used as a source of B-vitamins, dietary protein, and iron. It is very helpful for weight loss, diabetes, fatigue, depression, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), hayfever, anxiety, stress, and other women’s health issues.
  • You can also use blue-green algae for treating precancerous that are grown inside the mouth. It boosts the immune system, increases energy & metabolism, heals wounds, improves memory power, lowers cholesterol levels, and enhances digestion and bowel health.