Algae Food: You Can Eat Today

algae food

Algae have been served to humans as food in different parts of the World for centuries. The most common edible algae, that are used to prepare food, are wakame, nori, hijiki, kelp, sea moss, spirulina, chlorella, agar-agar, bladder-wrack, sea-grapes, and many more. But in recent years these algae species have been used to produce real … Read more

Health Benefits of Algae Based Omega-3

algae vegan omega 3

What are algae? A simple, non-flowering, and typically aquatic plant of a large group that includes the seaweeds and many single-celled forms. Algae contain chlorophyll but lack true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue. Singular: Alga Plural: Algae What are Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Algae Omega-3 Algae based omega-3 is suitable for vegans and vegetarians people. … Read more

Health Benefits of Sea Vegetable Supplements

sea vegetables

What are Sea Vegetables? Sea Vegetables, also known as edible seaweed are simply algae that you can eat. Sea Vegetables can also be used in food preparation, especially as seasonings. Sea Vegetables are also highly fibrous. They are normally classified into three groups of multicellular Algae, namely: Red Algae Brown Algae Green Algae A fun … Read more