Dulse Health Benefits and Side-effects

dulse seaweed

What is Dulse? Dulse seaweed which is also known by its scientific name Palmaria palmata is a variety of red seaweed, which grows in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the Northwest and North regions respectively. Dulse seaweed grows wildly and is not cultivated. Dulse is a kind of edible seaweed. The colors of Dulse … Read more

Health Benefits of Irish Moss Drinks, Gel, Supplement & Powder

irish moss

What is Irish Moss? Irish Moss is also known as Carrageen Moss. It is a species of red algae or red seaweed, which grows along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of North America and Europe. Its color varies from greenish-yellow to red to a dark purple. It is a small alga with a length … Read more

Red Algae Supplements – Health Benefits


What Are Red Algae? Red algae are also known as Rhodophyta. It is an ancient Greek name belongs to the oldest group of eukaryotic algae. Over 6000 species can be seen attached to other sea plants.  These are red in color because of the presence of chlorophyll by phycobilin pigments. You may find 5 % … Read more

Irish Sea Moss Whole Food health Benefits


Irish Sea Moss Whole Foods Irish Sea Moss is also available as whole foods. These whole foods are made up of sea moss which is rich in iodine and supports your thyroid gland. Sea moss whole foods are totally herbal, is full of fiber which helps in controlling sugar cravings. It also prevents you to … Read more