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Best Indoor Gardening Soil for Herbs in Pots

When you grow herbs plants in pots, then it is important to provide them with a soil-less mix , the best high-quality potting soil which ensures good drainage. The best indoor potting mix is usually composed of vermiculite, peat moss, and perlite. These soil mixes absorb moisture very well and resist compaction, but tend to dry out very quickly.

In the ordinary garden, the soil is much too heavy and dries out quickly, but in the containers gardening; the soil is loose and well drained. You can make your own soil for potting herbs or can purchase a better quality potting soil.

So, we are going to discuss best gardening soils for herbs in pots that are the following:

Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N GRO Potting Soil

Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N GRO is the great substitute for potting mix or garden soil. You can use this soil in containers gardening as well as in-ground. It can hold up to 50% more water than basic potting soil. It has the ability to grow up to 3X bigger plants than native soil and feeds up to 6 months. When you add the water, it can expand up to 3X, and create up to 90% more air space in native soil.

Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix

Burpee Organic Premium growing mix soil is perfect for container gardening and enriched with Burpee plant. This potting mix soil feeds plants instantly and provides a slow release plant food that you can continuously feed up to 3 months. It is formulated with coconut coir which is a renewable and sustainable resource that helps maintain moisture between watering for the herbs in pots.

FoxFarm FX14053 12-Quart Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil

This ocean forest organic potting mix soil contains everything in one bag what your herbs need. It is available in 12-quart size. It is composed of sandy loam, forest humus and sphagnum peat moss that is suitable for containerized plantings.

Black Gold 1302040 8-Quart All Organic Potting Soil

It is all purpose organic potting soil that fits all your requirements; quality tested organic ingredients, convenience, and a proven track record of performance. It is rich and loamy mix which is best for all gardening applications. This potting soil contains pumice and perlite to ensure optimum pore and air space for sturdy growth.

Espoma GS7 Greensand Soil Conditioner

Greensand soil is a mined mineral in soil conditioning glauconite. This potting mix soil contains potash and other minerals from natural marine deposits. It carries the formulation of 0-0-0.1 and excellent for soil conditioner in containers gardening.

Water-Culture for Growing Plants without Soil

Water culture is an active system with moving parts. Water Culture is a kind of Hydroponic Systems and “Hydro” stands for water. The production of the plants depends on water instead of soil and uses nutrient solutions to provide nourishment to plants without using soil contents at all. It is the most advanced technique of growing plants where you don’t need to worry about the climate changes or weather conditions.

In water culture hydroponic system, the roots of the plants are totally immersed in water and attach the air pump with them which continuously gives oxygen to roots & allow them to breathe. Water Culture is specific growth technology solutions that are present in water and provides nutrients to plants.

So, container gardening is the best option for gardeners who have limited space and soil that does not drain well. The container herb gardening is a very flexible way to grow fresh herbs in the home garden with suitable types of soils.