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Foods for kidney health & cleansing

Human body is designed in a specific and sequential manner. It can itself excrete and eliminate all the different types of toxic and necessary wastes. For this various organs are involved. One among these organs include kidney. Kidneys are bean shaped organs situated against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area.

Kidneys are a specialized organ that performs vital function in waste elimination and act as a filter for the vital nutrients. It also helps in balancing electrolytes, reabsorption of nutrients and hormone production. Thus, it needs an intense care. However, following a healthy diet plan and drinking a considerably sufficient amount of water works well in keeping the kidney proper functioning.

Environment and Lifestyle For Kidney Health

Today’s fast growing and advanced technological world is leaving its adverse side effects, and the air pollution. In order to survive in such an environment, our body needs to be fit. This fitness can be maintained by a healthy and energetic diet with a touch of exercise and physical activities. Nowadays, cleansing is being recommended by many experts.

It not only revive a person’s immune system, but also removes pathogenic microbes (bacteria, virus, etc) and foreign particles and parasites. And the cleansing of kidney is a further better option. As we all know “Prevention is better than cure”. Thus, it is better to cleanse the kidney before being affected with any hazardous disorders like kidney infection and kidney stone formation. It’s an effective process.

In this article section, we would discuss about some foods and element (water) that help in kidney cleansing.


Human body is composed of almost 60% water. Kidney, basically excrete nitrogenous products in the form of urine after filtration. This filtration process and urine formation needs a considerable amount of water.

Low water intake will result in low urine formation which will cause improper kidney function and indirectly, improper body function. Therefore, it is recommended to drink 2-3 litres of water daily. It will efficiently flush out all the toxic waste materials from the body.

Grapes and berries

Grapes, peanuts, blueberries, black currant and different types of berries contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is a kind of and phytoalexin produced by plants. It is also helpful in lessening kidney inflammation.


Cranberries are drastically effective for any problems related to urinary bladder. Generally, cranberries are sweet and delicious in taste. One could enjoy it with salad, oatmeal, etc. For Urinary Tract Infections, cranberries are catholicon.

Fruit juices

Juicy fruits like orange, lemon, watermelon etc, are rich in Vitamin C and contains citric acid. This citric acid combines with calcium present in urine. In this way citric acid prohibits the calcium crystals to accumulate and form kidney stone. That’s why is it necessary to add a cup of fresh juice in your routine diet.


A pack of dried and seasoned seaweed proves to be a crunchy and healthy snacks for all time. It is beneficial for pancreas, liver, and kidney.

Calcium rich foods

Most of the people believe that avoiding calcium rich food could prevent the kidney stones. It is not true at all. Every productive and protective food containing nutrients should be consumed in a balanced proportion. An excess amount of any nutrient has the same adverse impacts as the deficiency.

Calcium has the capacity to bind with oxalate. Calcium plays a crucial role in the absorption and excretion of oxalate. Oxalates are compounds produced by the incomplete oxidation of carbohydrates in plants.

Kidney cleansing tea

Most of the people are of the opinion that black tea is a healthy morning start. Let me tell you this is a primitive wrong conception. Here’s a short description of the types of tea to be taken to works well in kidney cleansing..

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle leaves contain contains antioxidants and protects the body from oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.

Hydrangea paniculate

Hydrangea gives you a protective defense against kidney damage and contains antioxidants.


It is a tropical shrub. Blumea balsamifera (Sambong) extract decreases the size of the calcium oxalate crystals and prevents the kidney stone formation.


Apart from these food products, marshmallow root, dandelion tea, parsley, ginger, red clover, turmeric, millet, barley, red clover, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, asparagus, baking soda, etc. also proves beneficial in treating the kidney related issues.

One should adapt these foods in his regular diet. You can also prepare a sequential diet chart and follow them. It is not a bad idea to start your day with a cup of hot water with a touch of lemon. It will give you a fresh and light feeling.

Consuming hot water in the morning aids in removing the unwanted toxic elements from the body and its systems. Along with that, choose a herbal tea of your choice depending on your personal preferences. Take at least 1.5 litres of these tea (in liquid form boiled with water). Don’t go for black tea as it is worthless and harmful for health.

Avoid These Food Items to enhance kidney function

You should also avoid the food items that enhances your kidney improper function. It is a smarter step. Try to avoid caffeine, chocolates, alcohol, nuts, sweet potatoes, and refined products like sugar, refined salt, white flour (pastries, white pastas, white bread, etc.) and so on. These foods put a lot of stress on the kidney and thus are hard to process.

A diet rich in protein is also a great option to keep your kidney cleansed. However, inclusion of varieties of nutrients rich food such as spirulina, goji berries, maca, Chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut products, etc, blended with smoothies and juices work further efficient.

Also add some multivitamin supplements containing essential nutrients and rich in minerals and vitamins (B&C). Intake of Omega – 3 supplements with high quality fish oil which constitutes 1.2 grams of EPA and DHA is immensely useful to maintain the kidney related activities inside the body.

Potassium is a highly useful element that serves as a balancing agent for electrolytes and pH of urine. from stone formation in kidney. Thus a supplement rich in Potassium citrate must be taken.

Hope the article increases your positive approach towards health. Till then, keep balanced diet and stay healthy!