Sea Moss Gel


Organic Sea Moss Gel (10 Flavors)

Wild crafted Sea Moss Gel infused with Fruit Flavors

  1. Raspberry infused Sea Moss Gel,
  2. Pineapple infused Sea Moss Gel,
  3. Mango infused Sea Moss Gel,
  4. Strawberry infused Sea Moss Gel,
  5. Lemon infused Sea Moss Gel,
  6. Apple infused Sea Moss Gel,
  7. Cinnamon infused Sea Moss Gel,
  8. Berry infused Sea Moss Gel,
  9. Mix Fruits infused Sea Moss Gel,
  10. Elderberry infused Sea Moss Gel,

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Health Benefits of Sea Moss Gel

  • Boosts immunity: These whole foods help in boosting immunity as it recovers from the symptoms from flu, cold.  It also consists of compounds which also act as anti-microbial and anti-viral agents.
  • Prevents hypothyroidism: Some whole foods contain iodine, which helps in preventing hypothyroidism. It also maintains thyroid gland in the body.
  • Maintains mental health: Sea moss whole foods contain potassium, which helps in maintaining mental health. It is also beneficial for ADD children. 
  • Supports digestive system: These foods also help in supporting mucilaginous consistency, which improves digestive health and skin health.
  • Helps in losing weight: The presence of iodine in whole foods helps in burning fat from the body and helps in losing weight.
  • Supports respiratory system: Sea Moss whole foods contain potassium chloride, which helps in inflammation mucus membranes to prevent congestion from the lungs.


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