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Cranberry Juice for Kidney Health

Cranberry does not contain vitamin B complex, it is rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and niacin and all these three vitamins are good for kidney patients. Cranberry juice could be an immediate help, however, you must take fresh cranberry fruit, if possible.

Most kidney patients are on restricted diet, they are also not advised to eat dairy product, some fruits and vegetables. Kidney patients’ vitamin requirements are different than healthy people. Most fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin B complex and potassium, your diet should not have high amount of vitamin B complex.

Cranberry Juice for Kidney infection

Drinking cranberry juice can help improve the kidney functionality and this your body will get rid of kidney infection quickly. For quicker results, you may want to drink cranberry juice more often.

Cranberry Juice for Kidney Stone

If kidney stone is not bigger, drinking cranberry juice on regular basis can melt the kidney stone but you may have to drink water more than you regularly take.

Cranberry Juice as a Kidney Cleanser

Cranberry juice is a good kidney cleanser but you will have to stop or limit heavy food intake.

Is Cranberry Juice Good for Kidneys?

Cranberry juice is good for kidney health. It carries vitamin A, vitamin C, and niacin that are good for kidney health and functionality.

Remember, for any severe kidney disease please consult your doctor. Cranberry can help with minor kidney infection, tiny kidney stone. In every case you are advised to visit doctor.

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