Nori Algae: Uses and Benefits

alga nori

Nori is the popular alga in the world. Alga and Nori are the important ingredients of the Japanese dish sushi. Algae is the plural form of Alga, it is a salty plant, the life of it is like terrestrial plants.

What is Algae Nori?

It is an edible seaweed which is widely used in Asian cuisine. Generally, it is used to make different types of snacks. It is a dehydrated product made from red algae. Japanese people make many recipes from algae nori sheets.

Uses of algae Nori

  • Flavoring food agent: Garnish and flavorings noodles preparation and soup it makes them salty and tangy. Used as a food decoration
  • Used in Meals: Blue and green nori are used like herbs in regular meals. It easily absorbs water from the air and degrades.
  • Crispy Nori Snacks: You can toast nori sheet on an iron pan and sprinkle salt over them and serve the crispy nori sheets, you will get nori chips! Very tempting and healthy chips you will get.
  • Rice Dish: Blend nori and sesame seeds it will be a simple dish the taste likes as it directly comes from the restaurant.
  • Sushi Rolls: You must have seen uramaki and hosomaki, these two types sushi rolls that are served at every Japanese/Asian restaurant.
  • Temaki: Another kind of hand roll, that is served at the Japanese restaurant.
  • Onigiri: A Japanese rice ball wrapped in the algae nori sheet.

Benefits of Algae Nori

Great source of micro-nutrients, contain more vitamins and minerals than fruits and vegetables you eat.

  • Vitamin Source: It has vitamin B12 and C vitamin in than an orange has. It contains minerals, iron, calcium, and zinc too.
  • Great food to stay to thin: A full sheet of nori contain four calories and one-third fiber it contains protein too. If you are the vegetarian use of nori will help to boost your protein intake without piling on calories. It can reduce the absorption of fat by 75%
  • Rich in Iodine: it is rich in Iodine, which stimulates iodine in your body. It regulates metabolism and helps to control body weight. Iodine is essential for healthy hair, skin, teeth, and nails.

What is Alga?

It is the most primitive life forms found on earth consumed as food and medicine for centuries. It has proteins and Vitamins A, B, C and E. The uses of Algae are mentioned below.

Uses of Algae

  • Source of Fuel: Algae is used to make bio-diesel and bio-ethanol, superior quality vegetable oil. It can be grown to produce hydrogen. Can produce biomass which is burnt to produce electricity and heat.
  • Supplement of Food: It contains protein and essential amino acid. It has simple and complex carbohydrates which are the good source of the additional fuel. It contains an abundance of trace elements, vitamins, and a mineral which occurs in synergistic design.
  • Excellent Stabilizer: It reacts excellent additive to milk products and other products like toothpaste, ice-cream, lotions etc. The creams and lotions made from it are absorbable to the skin.
  • Fertilizer: They are good fertilizers used as soil conditioners and a source of livestock feed.
  • Pollution control: It helps to reduce the requirement of toxic chemicals.

Benefits of Algae

  • Cancer fighter: Studies through a research proved that algae slow the cancer cell growth in the animal. It is a natural cancer treatment.
  • Heart health: Blue-green algae can protect against cardiovascular disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It is a natural product which improves blood lipid profile and prevents inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Inflammation and pain reducer: Anti-inflammatory compounds like omega-3 fatty acids and chlorophyll.