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Real Health Benefits & Uses of Nori

What is Nori?

Nori is the popular alga or seaweed. Nori is an essential ingredient of the Japanese snack food called – sushi. It is a salty, the life of nori is like terrestrial plants.

Nori is an edible seaweed which is widely used in Asian cuisine. Generally, it is used to make different types of snacks. It is a dehydrated product made from red algae. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese people make many recipes from nori sheets, and nori flakes are used as a garnish.

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Uses of Nori

Nori is widely used as sushi ? wrapper across the world, you must have seen in restaurant around. However, it is also used to make seaweed snacks, seaweed chips, julienned to garnished on many dishes. Nori sheets are served in traditional Japanese breakfast as well. Here are few common uses of nori sheets.

  • Flavoring food agent: Garnish and flavorings noodles preparation and soup, it makes them salty and tangy. Used as a food decoration.
  • Used in Meals: Blue and green nori are used like herbs in regular meals. It easily absorbs water from the air and degrades.
  • Crispy Nori Seaweed Snacks: You can toast nori sheet on an oil greased iron pan and sprinkle salt over them and serve the crispy nori sheets, you will get nori seaweed chips. You can get tempting and healthy nori seaweed chips.
  • Rice Bowls: Blend nori and sesame seeds it will be a simple rice seasoning the taste like great and people also call is furikake rice seasoning.
  • Sushi Rolls: You must have seen uramaki and hosomaki, these two types sushi rolls that are served at every Japanese/Asian restaurant.
  • Temaki: Another kind of hand roll, that is served at the Japanese restaurant.
  • Onigiri: A Japanese rice ball wrapped in the algae nori sheet with Japanese pickles.

Health Benefits of Nori Sheets

Great source of micronutrients, contain more vitamins and natural minerals than you get from fruits and vegetables.

  • Vitamin Source: It has vitamin B12 and C more than an orange has. It contains minerals, iron, calcium, and zinc too.
  • Great food to stay to thin: A full sheet of nori contain four calories and one-third fiber it contains protein too. If you are the vegetarian, use of nori will help boost your protein intake without piling on calories. It can reduce the absorption of fat by 75%
  • Rich in Iodine: it is rich in Iodine, which stimulates iodine in your body. It regulates metabolism and helps to control body weight. Iodine is essential for healthy hair, skin, teeth, and nails.

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