Sea Kelp – Good for Skin, Hair, Weight loss, & Thyroid

sea kelp

What is Sea Kelp? The Ocean wonder Kelp from the brown algae (Brown Seaweed) family, popularly called Sea Kelp is basically a plant which has several species. The plant is abundantly available in oceans across the globe. Botanically named as Laminaria Digitata, the plant yields the highest levels of organic iodine and other nutrients. These […]

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Collagen: All You Need to Know


What is Collagen? Collagen is the main structural protein found in the connective tissues. It’s the most abundantly found protein in mammals. Collagen is mostly found in tendons, ligaments, skin, and other fibrous tissues.   Collagen can be rigid or compliant depending on the degree of mineralization. Collagen is used in treating problems of skin […]

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