Kelp – Health Benefits, Supplements, & Side-effects

What is Kelp?

Kelp is one of the types of seaweed that belongs to the family of brown algae in Laminariales order. About 30 types of the genus are available in these forms. You can find Kelp in shallow and oceanic forests. Kelp grows in cold temperature with 6-14 degree Celsius. There are some species that grow a foot a day and has a height of about 250 feet. Earlier Kelp was used to treat thyroid problems and obesity. But it has other benefits too. It has some nutrition facts and side effects. Kelp is also used for making supplements which are further used for many health and other benefits.  Kelp offers some health and other benefits which are as follows:-

Benefits of Kelp

Kelp holds some health and other benefits because it has many nutrition facts and a source of dietary minerals. Now we will talk about the benefits of Kelp which are mentioned below:-

  1. Kelp Helps in improving thyroid function:

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    Kelp contains iodine which helps in improving thyroid function. If you take Kelp in your diet and replaces salt, then it will help you in improving thyroid function. A study indicates about 80% of iodine is found in the human’s body and if there is the deficiency. Iodine plays important role in the functioning of thyroid gland. Thus kelp improves your thyroid function.

  2. Kelp Detoxifies your body:

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    Kelp helps in detoxifying your body. Kelp helps in facilitating the breaking of heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals from the body. Kelp detoxifies your body and helps in preventing health problems and makes you feel fresh all day.

  3. Kelp Controls your blood sugar:

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    Kelp is also rich in many minerals .i.e. Vanadium. This vanadium mineral has natural antioxidants and haloperoxidase enzymes help in flourishing sea vegetables. These minerals help in balancing sugar and inhibits tyrosine phosphate enzyme. It helps in reducing glucose formation and has the ability to store sugar in the form of liver glycogen and muscle.

  4. Kelp Builds immunity in the body system:

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    Kelp allows creating immunity in the body. If you take 20 % of kelp in your diet, then you will also take vitamins and other nutrients. If you take a balanced diet and kelp in the proper amount, it will build up immunity in the human

  5. Kelp Helps in weight loss:

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    Kelp plays important role in the weight loss and boosts energy levels. It helps in improving the composition of body and loss weight. It has iodine content which boosts the metabolism of the body. It has weighed loss products based on algae which reduce your weight and makes you fit.

  6. Kelp Improves your digestion:

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    Kelp is a natural and herbal product which keeps your digestive system good. It has all the essential nutrients and minerals which keep your digestion healthy and sound.


Kelp Nutrition Facts

Kelp holds their nutritive value which belongs to the seaweed family. It is consumed as a food supplement and can be added to your food products. Kelp has following nutrition facts are as mentioned below:-

  • It has 70 types of vitamins, proteins, trace elements and minerals.
  • It also contains vitamins like B1, B2, B12, potassium, calcium, and
  • Kelp is rich in iodine which improves the functioning of the thyroid and increases energy levels.
  • Vitamin D in Kelp is the only natural source of vegetables. Kelp has sodium alginate which removes toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  • Dry kelp contains 33-75 % of dietary fiber which is also a good source of vitamin C, riboflavin, magnesium and folate.
  • The presence of selenium acts with iodine which regulates thyroid hormone.


Kelp Supplements

Kelp is also used for making supplements which you can buy online. Kelp is available in many forms like capsules, powder, or in other food supplements. Following are the kelp supplements which are as follows:-

  1. Sea Tangle Noodle Company, Kona berry Noodles:

    sea tangle kelp noodle
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    Kelp is available in noodle form also called Kona berry These noodles are full of minerals and it has a neutral taste. These are ready to eat noodles and are versatile and gluten-free noodles.

  2. Pet Kelp Formula, Probiotic, For Dogs:

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    Kelp is also used for making pet supplements, especially for dogs. These supplements are used for puppies, senior and adult dogs. It is a probiotic formula for dogs which makes their digestion system strong. It helps the dogs by promoting a dog’s good health.

  3. Pure Icelandic Sea Kelp – Natural Iodine & Sea Nutrients:

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    These kelp supplements are available in capsule form. Kelp is sourced from the coast of Iceland. Sea kelp helps in supporting breast tissues and ovaries. These supplements also support thyroid hormones to maintain optimum function.

  4. Doctor’s Best, Best Fucoidan 70%:

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    This supplement is science-based nutrition and dietary supplements. They help in enhancing immune system function and totally vegan. It contains 70 % fucoidan which is derived from brown algae.


Kelp Side Effects

Kelp has health benefits but it also holds some of the side effects which are as mentioned below:-

  • Thyroid function impaired:

    Kelp may also lead to impairment of thyroid function. Taking too much of iodine in the diet may cause hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other conditions. Supplements should be taken in the proper amount to avoid thyroid conditions.

  • Proper intake is must:

    It is always suggested to take kelp in proper form. Doctors may suggest you how much kelp is required for your daily use. If you don’t take a dose in the proper form it may give you negative reactions.

  • Goiter:

    It is the state in which thyroid gland swells and creates an unattractive Due to the discontinuation of consuming kelp products, a goiter may happen. Excess iodine or sodium content in your diet may cause goiter problems.


Kelp is a multicellular alga from the brown-algae group of algae and is a natural/organic source of dietary minerals. Consumption of kelp-based food, pills, and supplement helps fight iodine deficiency, improves thyroid, and offers natural rich minerals. Kelp is used in many ways .i.e. in many forms like supplements, capsules or in powdered form. So it is always recommended to read all the pros and cons of every product.


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