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Irish Sea Moss Powder Uses & Health Benefits

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is an edible red seaweed found in the North Atlantic area on the coasts of Europe, Ireland, and the U.S. Sea Moss is also called the Irish moss during the 1800s, the people of Ireland started consuming sea moss during the great potato famine. That is how sea moss came to be called Irish moss.

One of the best types of Sea Moss to consume is the Wildcrafted Sea Moss. Wildcrafted sea moss is grown and harvested in the waters of the Pacific as well as the Atlantic oceans. It is mostly tasteless and odorless, which makes it a perfect addition to almost any food.

Sea moss has a variety of health benefits and is available in a variety of forms. Dr. Sebi Sea Moss—the well-known herbalist and healer—in his alkaline diet recommends eating sea moss for a variety of reasons.

Sea Moss Powder & Its Uses

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Sea moss is available in a variety of forms, but the most easy-to-use form is powder. Sea moss powder is readily available. You can use sea moss powder in a variety of ways. Some of the common ways of using sea moss powder are:

● Mixing the powder with juice or milkshake to make them thicker, tastier, and healthier.

● Adding the powder to puddings, soups, and jellies to make them more delicious and to improve their consistency.

● Using it in tea or tincture to form an herbal remedy.

● Combining it with cinnamon or licorice to create a solution.

● Adding it in other foods to make them just a bit healthier.

Health Benefits of Sea Moss Powder

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Sea moss is a natural source of minerals, and vitamins that are proven to be good for human and animal health. Here are some sea moss powder health benefits that can convince you to try sea moss in general. However, sea moss is not advised to consumed directly from the ocean. Better, people use sea moss processed ready-made products like sea moss powder, sea moss gel, and sea moss drink.

Even better….

If you want to try something that is suggested by Dr. Sebi, you can go for sea moss and bladderwrack gel. This blend of sea moss and bladderwrack seems to be good for health conscious people.

Respiratory Health

Potassium chloride is known to soothe inflammation of the mucus membrane and dissolve phlegm. Since sea moss contains the right amount of potassium chloride, it helps clear our lungs of phlegm and improves our breathing.

Digestive Support

Sea moss contains high amounts of fiber, so when consumed, it gives a laxative effect and also soothes the inflamed tissues. Thus, it can provide relief from a lot of digestive problems. Its gelatin-like content helps with dyspepsia, heartburn, nausea, and indigestion.

Nutrient Density

Sea moss contains 92 minerals while our body has102 minerals. So , including some sea moss powder in your diet can be enough to keep your body well mineralized. Sea moss boosts the immune system, giving you valuable fighting power against various illnesses.

Thyroid Health

Sea moss has a wonderful ability to help in balancing the thyroid hormones in the human body. It contains vital thyroid hormones Tri-iodothyronine and Thyroxin. Sea moss also contains iodine, which helps the thyroid glands in producing proper amounts of hormones.

Weight Loss

Sea moss can absorb moisture and grow, which makes us feel full and reduces our appetite. The iodine in the sea moss can increase metabolism and give a person more energy, which could then help speed up the weight loss process.

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