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Health Benefits of Sea Vegetable Supplements

sea vegetables

What are Sea Vegetables? Sea Vegetables, also known as edible seaweed are simply algae that you can eat. Sea Vegetables can also be used in food preparation, especially as seasonings. Sea Vegetables are also highly fibrous. They are normally classified into three groups of multicellular Algae, namely: Red Algae Brown Algae Green Algae A fun … Read more

Thyroid Symptoms, Causes & Cure

thyroid symptoms

Thyroid Thyroid disease is that state in which thyroid gland over or under functions. In our body, thyroid gland plays a very vital role. The thyroid gland is responsible for generating thyroid hormones in the body which is essential for the metabolism of the body. Watch out for thyroid symptoms and identify the type of … Read more

Seaweed Food for Pets – Dogs and Cats

seaweed calcium food for pets

Nutrition in the diet is essential for health as well as humans and animals. If we include nutrition in our diet daily it will be best for sustained growth. In the same way, healthy nutritious diet is also very important for animals.  As we know Seaweed contains all essential nutrients like fatty acids, omega-3, magnesium, … Read more