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Health Benefits, Uses & Nutritional Facts of Hijiki

What is Hijiki?

Hijiki is green to brown in color, which is found in wild, and hijiki is from brown seaweed/algae family. Hijiki is harvested by Fisherman and a professional diver with a sickle at the time of low tide of the spring tide of March to May. The seaweed is boiled and dried after the collection and to be sold in the form of dried Hijiki. After the completion of drying-process hijiki turns black. In order to prepare dried hijiki, it is first soaked in water the cooked with the ingredients like soya sauce and sugar to make a dish.

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Uses of Hijiki

Hijiki is normally eaten with other food such as vegetables or fish in Japan. It may be added to foods that have been steamed, boiled, marinated in soya sauce or cooked in oil, or added to the soup. It may also be mixed with rice for sushi. Whereas in some countries like Korea it is called as Tot and eaten has seasoned vegetable side dish or cooked with rice.

 Health Benefits of Hijiki

Hijiki is a mineral-rich sea vegetable and contains dietary fiber. There are several Hijiki health benefits. Read below to know how it can help you.

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  1. Promotes hormone health: Iodine content is rich in Hijiki which is an essential mineral that you should consider it in your diet. Hijiki also helps to balance your hormone and ensures their proper functioning
  2. Aids Digestion: Hijiki is a similar-flashy kin choked with essential dietary fiber. Dietary fiber ensures that your digestive process is smooth and helps pass the movement of food through the digestive tract.
  3. Lowers Cholesterol: Has early discussed. Hijiki is a green vegetable that is crammed with dietary fiber. The presence of dietary fiber can help solve an array of problems including indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Dietary fiber also helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol from the body.
  4. Promotes Heart Health: Since hijiki has the ability to decrease LDL cholesterol from your body, it automatically promotes heart health. Hijiki helps to lower the risk of diabetes and lower cholesterol level; it is also good for the heart.
  5. High Energy Food: Hijiki contains iron in larger amounts, which helps create RBCs which leads to better oxygen transportation and the oxygenation of cells, tissues and even organs.
  6. Improves Bone Health: Hijiki is a rich source of the essential mineral calcium. Calcium is one of the best foods to promote bone health. It also helps prevent conditions like osteoporosis and arthritic conditions like joint pains.
  7. Cures Insomnia: Hijiki is full of essential minerals and nutrients. One of the important constituents is magnesium which has been known to produce certain relaxation and stress releasing hormones, which makes it an effective remedy for sleep disorders or insomnia.

Hijiki Nutritional Facts

Minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium are present in hijiki. Hijiki contains dietary fiber which is good for the intestine and iron helps to prevent anemia. The ratio of calcium to magnesium in hijiki is 2:1.

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Hijiki Nutrition

Hijiki Side-effect ( Arsenic )

The only thing which is not good about the hijiki is that eating too much of it can be poisonous due to its arsenic content.

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