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Health Benefits & Uses of Kombu Powder

Kombu powder is made by drying kombu extract; these are harvested from the northern island cold ocean depth of Hokkaido. The seaweed is dried and ground into fine powder. Kombu powder is a natural seaweed powder used to impart extra flavor to soups, vegetables, dashi stock, stew vegetables and ect. This post will cover uses, nutrition, and health benefits of Kombu powder.

What is Kombu?

royal kombu
Royal Kombu

Kombu is kelp bull, a range of seaweed which is harvested in Japan for food purposes. Kombu is eaten “as it is “often but usually as the base for stock. Kombu is a form of a high range of minerals and amino acids, also includes potassium, iodine, and vitamins. Kombu looks like an envelope because it has two layers, which can be opened. It is kept away from light and moisture so it lasts for several years. In Japan, Kombu Kelp has many levels, which are decided by age of Kombu.

It became superior after the first year. Kombu is used to regrow by using the top of the leaf portion while the root of the Kombu is not touched.

Kombu powder

Kombu powder is made from Kombu kelp, is a taste of the sea with sufficient flavor of iodine and minerals. This powder is mostly used in Japanese cuisine, particularly to make dashi stock. This powder form is also used to make other Japanese dishes like the hot drink, kombucha. Kombu powder is also used in sushi as rice seasoning.

Uses of Kombu powder

Kombu is usually found in strips, squares or circles pieces known as Kiri. Kombu powder is used to make soups like miso, noodles soup, tofu soup and more. Here we will list the way to use kombu powder.

Kombu Powder
  • Vegetarian soup: – Kombu powder is used for making Asian soups like noodle soup, miso soup, and tofu soup. For making these soups you need to cook 4-5 strips of Kombu in 4 cups of water.
  • Dashi: – Dashi is an essential stock used in Japanese cuisine, it is combined with bonito.
  • In Beans: – Kombu soups have amino acids which are used to soften beans and make them more digestible. While cooking beans in a pot add Kombu powder, after an hour, combo powder will disintegrate when stirred.
  • In stews: – Kombu powder can be used is vegetable stew to enhance its flavor. It tastes good with root vegetables like carrot, turnips and more.
  • In salads: – use Kombu powder to enhance the taste of salads. You can simply sprinkle the Kombu powder while having salads.

Health Benefits of Kombu powder

Kombu powder will help to reduce the gas, which improves the digestion. It contains ammonia acids that break down the heavy starch and allow it to digest much easier. The gut has bacteria which love sugars, releasing hydrogen and carbon dioxide, which results in gas or bloated stomach. So consuming Kombu powder will help you get rid of these bacteria. Kombu powder will help to prevent cancer.

Kombu has anti-inflammatory benefits which anti-inflammatory cancer-causing factors. Iron play an important role in our body, it helps in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps to provide oxygen carried by it to blood. Kombu helps to provide much-needed iron to our body to maintain a good health. If you are low in iron you may feel tired, may be ill, so to avoid all these problems you can add Kombu powder in your daily food.

Women who menstruate or pregnant can add Kombu powder to their daily food which helps to prevent iron deficiency and anemia symptoms. Kombu contains the highest level of iodine as compared to any other seaweed, which makes it one of the most irons –riches food. I did play as vital role in our diet, as it helps in healthy hormone portion and helps to function the thyroid property.

Nutrition facts of Kombu powder

Kombu – Sea Vegetable

Kombu powder is edible low-calorie food.  It contains high concentrations of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It has high-level content of dietary fiber soluble polysaccharides. Kombu powder contains a high level of nutrients that are required for our body and also considered as best nutritional food. It contains omega-3 and omega -6 both are good for the healthy heart. This powder has sufficient amount of vitamins like A.B2, b12 folic acid and pantothenic acid which our body need daily.

Kombu Dashi Powder – for Soup and Stock

Kombu Dashi Powder

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