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Chroococcales: Gloeocapsa, Microcystis

The order Chroococcales includes the most primitive members of the class Cyanophyceae. Almost all the members of the order are fresh water forms which are unicellular and are often organised into regular colonies; but they never show a trichome organisation. They reproduce chiefly by fission or by endospore formation. Heterocysts and hormogonia are absent. The … Read more

Sea Grapes (latok, umibudo) Health Benefits & Nutritional Facts


What are Sea Grapes? Are you obsessed with coastal foods, especially Japanese cuisine? Then you must have heard about Sea grapes, the magic ninja of Japan. The magnificent ocean of Japan is the power house of sea grapes. The unique combination of stable water and temperature and salinity level gives birth to the most beautiful … Read more

Chlorella Skin Health Benefits


What is Chlorella? Chlorella is a single cell green microalgae. Its scientific name is Chlorella vulgaris. It is so small in size that it is invisible to the naked eye. Chlorella gets its name because of the high amounts of Chlorophyll that it contains, which also gives it the rich, green color, and so, it … Read more

Health Benefits of Chlorella Supplements, Tablets & Powder

chlorella health benefits and side effects

What is Chlorella? Chlorella is also known as green algae ( Chloros mean Green, Ella mean Small ) which belong to the group of Chlorophyta. And green algae are the highest source of chlorophyll. It looks spherical in shape and comes without flagella. Actually, this word chlorella is Greek word which means green color and … Read more