Irish Sea Moss Preparation, Uses, and Health Benefits


What is Irish Sea Moss?

How to Prepare Irish Sea Moss

It’s so healing for the thyroid it’s one of the best plant-based foods for mimicking resolving healing rebalancing thyroid hormones t3 t4 so it can be so good to regulate the great thing about foods is they regulate they don’t up regulate or down regulate they do what your body needs them to do so good for healing thyroid it’s fantastic relating to the thyroid is radiation it helps you to detoxify from radiation whether it’s radiation from little sunshine from flying in airplanes from using cell phones from being your Wi-Fi from hanging out in a world where there are nuclear reactors that go off and we need to be detoxifying radiation all the time also very good for post-cancer treatment FYI so secondly um it will also help to heal the digestive lining really well maybe this is thirdly so it’s got this when you cook it. it’s got this really slimy Musil ajna see what we call snotty property to it that actually helps heal and restore the tissues of the digestive tract so it’s really great for anyone suffering from inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s colitis any kind of ulcer ulcerations also anyone who’s had chemotherapy radiation that can destroy the intestinal integrity of the gut so it will help to replenish and restore so good so now that you know why I’m going to show you the half so basic but what we’ve done is I took of this one cupful and i soaked it in water and what that does is it helps all the salt and sand drop down to the bottom so the next thing I’m going to do is just take it in a sieve and if you’re washing anything that’s got sand and salt you probably want to lift it out of the water so the sand salt you know this could be like you’re washing your green leave-in will sit out settle stay in the water then we pour out the old water we give our Irish moss a little rinse you might want to be really salty you might want to rinse out your pot as well so we’re going to weave got our Irish moss in the pot we filled it with water and we’re now going to simmer it keep in mind this is going to expand quite a bit when we cook it that one cup is going to grow to about four cups maybe and so keep that in mind also you can prepare this raw and if you want to do it raw go for it it can be a bit harder on your blender and also takes a lot more time it’s about three days and what you would do to do it raw is you would soak it rinse it soak it rinse it soak your rinse it soak your rinse that you keep soaking it until it seems soft enough that it will be able to be blended so I’m going to now take this which you’ve been soaking for Atem it and put on the stove to simmer on the stove we’re going to put it to a medium heat cover and just let it simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes how do you know it’s ready because you can smell it this stuff works so well in your food what it does in your food it helps make things like smoothies soups dips sauces um even pies and stuff it helps thicken it so we’re placing cornstarch and a lot of things replacing any thickening agents that’s what the Irish moss will do in a lot of foods like canned coconut milk for example you’ll see an ingredient called carrageenan which is a derivative of Irish moss not the same thing it’s like it’s like the pharmaceutical version so they’ve taken the concentration of the active component and isolated it and that can actually really harmful for the digestion the whole food the whole Irish moss on its own is actually really really healing one of the top ten say healing foods for the digestive tract and that goes for any kind if you’ve got allergies inflammation anything you need to heal up the guy so we’re just going to simmer this until it’s soft and then I’ll show you the next step our Irish moss has simmered and so it’s soft and boiled over a little bit you want to keep it on low and keep your eye on it it’s expanded a lot and there’s now two ways that you can store it so we simmer for about 15 minutes and you can now strain out the water and store your Irish moss just like this in a glass container in the fridge now what would have happened if I have just left this on the stove in the hot water is it would have eventually broken down completely and created a complete gel which is also totally fine and great what I like to do and this is a way you can store it I’d like to say two to three weeks I actually believe it is indefinitely but you can take this we bought all this liquids it actually has that gelling component in it whereas if someone were really suffering with digestive problems you could simmer tea with that dream that alone would not taste very good to be amazingly healing but what I’m going to do is put this into my blender and you can do this in a food processor so you don’t need a really high-powered blender and put in a little bit of this water and you can see I know if you can see this how thick it is as it’s pouring out this is really thick water so I put just enough in to cover the Irish moss and I’m now going to blend this together now we’ll make the Irish moss gel which makes it way easier to use on a daily basis so let’s blend this so now once this is all completely blended together you can just pour it into a jar and let it cool a bit on the counter then seal it up and store it in your fridge you can see as important as how thick it is and as it cools in the fridge it will continue to thicken up and it’ll be so easy just scoop out a tablespoon and you’re good to go and that is our Irish moss gel, which you can use for a week or so.

Irish Sea Moss Uses

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Health Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

Health benefits of Irish Sea Moss fungal and microbial infections Irish Sea Moss has antiviral agents that cure and prevent respiratory ailments such as pneumonia colds bronchitis flu and even tuberculosis it is rich in potassium chloride which is said to dissolve guitars Oh mucus discharge caused by the swelling of the mucous membrane skin muscle and joint pain this wonder seaweed is known to cure various skin diseases such as dermatitis psoriasis excellent sunburn the moss can be applied topically or added to baths to moisturize and hydrate the skin it is also said to prevent varicose veins rashes and inflammation as well as provide relief for muscle and joint pain thyroid related diseases the substantial amount via being found in Irish Sea Moss helps in the production of thyroid hormone the body needs iodine to strengthen the immune system in order to fight diseases it actually serves as a microbial agent in which it filters out germs another bacteria during blood circulation microorganisms easily enter the body through cuts or wounds of the skin and via throat and nasal passages these organisms are then transported by the blood to other parts of the body during blood circulation commonly used respiratory tonic another common use of the seaweed was a remedy for issues involving the respiratory tract as both an expectorant and Vimal sent it can be very helpful for coughs sore throats relieving congestion and expelling excess mucus from the lungs soothing to digestive tract rich soup broths made from Irish moss seaweed have been used for centuries to relieve gastritis and ulcers of the digestive tract this is because of its the Molson qualities acting as a mild laxative at our lubricating and soothing to the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine.