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Kaiso Salad Recipe with Ponzu Vinaigrette

What is Kaiso?

Kaiso means assorted dried edible seaweed. You can find Kaiso (assorted = mix) seaweed package at the Asian supermarket or online. It contains common seaweeds like dried Wakame, Sugi-Nori, Wakame Stems, White Ear mushroom ( a sea vegetable ), Agar-Agar, etc. Please read the Kaiso Salad package before you buy it. Kaiso is a mixture of the best edible seaweeds that can be used to make the salad or added to soups.

assorted seaweed

Why Kaiso Mix Seaweed is best to have in Your Kitchen.

Kaiso Salad package is full of handpicked seaweeds from the ocean. Seaweed is all vegan, there are a lot of people who don’t like to eat meat much and fishes like salmon. Because we have come to know that seaweed or algae have all the nutrients that we get from fish or meat and it is easy to digest for my body. Health benefits of seaweed do not only offer the superfood nutrients but do fight diseases like cancer, thyroid, malnutrition, and etc.

Let’s Prepare Kaiso Seaweed Salad

Kaiso Salad Dressing Recipe (Ponzu Vinaigrette)


50 ml Ponzu Vinegar

180 ml Soya Sauce

6 ml sesame oil

Spring Onion for garnish ( optional )

Method: Wisk it and keep in a dressing bottle

Let’s Prepare Kaiso Mix Seaweed to Make Salad

Check Kaiso Mix Salad out

Soak Kaiso Seaweed in a bowl to hydrate for 4-6 minutes. Squeeze with your hands and hang it on a strainer for 10 minutes to dry.

Optional: Slice cucumber, chop spring onion, and roast white sesame seeds on the pan to garnish

Now, Let’s Make Kaiso Salad

Transfer Kaiso from strainer to a bowl. Pour ponzu sauce on it and mix it with hands or chopstick.

Garnish your Kaiso salad with sliced cucumber and roasted white sesame seeds.

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