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Sea Moss and Black Seed Oil

What is Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is a species from red algae. Sea Moss is also known as Irish Moss and sometimes it is called Moss. Sea Moss is found on the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. Sea moss has been in use throughout Europe for decades for its vital properties. Sea Moss is a natural source of minerals and vitamins. Sea moss contains 92 minerals of the total 102 minerals that our human body is made of; including selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many more.

Sea Moss (Irish Moss) by its botanical name is Gracilaria; a wildcrafted and truly raw, dried in the natural sun right after harvesting.

Uses of Sea Moss

Sea Moss is being used in parts of Europe and Asia for decades. Super food Sea Moss has many uses that are proven to be useful to malnourished people. Sea moss helps in maintaining mental and physical health.  It is also a rich source of natural minerals, including iodine which helps in hormone production. It will also cure your sore throat, chest coughs, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis and Bronchitis.

Sea Moss Benefits

Here are a few ways you can start using Sea Moss today

  1. Sea Moss Drink: The most easiest way to include Sea Moss in your diet
  2. Sea Moss Gel: Buy once and add it to your tea, smoothie, vegetable and salad
  3. Sea Moss Pill and Capsules: Good for busy people

Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea Moss ( Irish moss ) is very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin K, calcium and copper, and a very good source of riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese. 92 to 99 mineral of all 102 minerals that our human body requires are said to be found in sea moss. You can find listed sea moss health benefits below or have a look at the nutrition facts of sea moss.

Black Seed Oil

Have you heard of black seed oil? If no, then don’t fret as we got you covered here. The oil of these tiny black seeds is used for its therapeutic benefits since a coon’s age. Many studies alluded that this oil offers a plethora of amazing health benefits which is linked with weight loss, rejuvenation of skin and even averting heart-related risks. Also, it is used in a wide array of cooking applications and cosmetics. 

 So here in this section, we will talk about the uses and health benefits of black seed oil but before that let’s understand what is this black seed. 1

What is Black Seed? 

Black seed rooted in Nigella Sativa which is a white-tinged flower native to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The seed is being used for medicinal purposes for over 1000 years and was even discovered in the tomb of King Tut. 

 This tiny seed is highly versatile and adds similar flavour like oregano or cumin to bread, curries, and pickles. Black seed is powered with an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound which are linked with blemish-free skin and several other health benefits. 

 Some of the alternative names of black seed are

  • Black Caraway
  • Black Cumin
  • Black Onion Seed
  • Kalonji

Uses of black seed oil

The black seed oil is highly versatile which can cater to a plethora of services such as shampoos, cosmetics and alluring recipes. You can purchase this oil from most health stores or pharmacies. The oil is available for daily consumption and also a remedy for skin or hair woes. 2

 There are a wide array of ways to incorporate the black seed into your diet to expand your appetite. Some of the ways are given below:

  • The power-packed tiny black seed can be sprinkled on bread or biscuits
  • It can also be blended with soups, curries or stir-fries
  • It can be crushed and blended with mustard or fennel seeds 

Health Benefits of Black Seed oil

black seed oil
Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which beautifies and heals skin, lowers the high blood pressure, and reduces asthma symptoms. It also offers antifungal properties averting the yeast that grow on the body. Black seed oil can help in weight loss, stomach cramps, pain, and ulcer. It has been found to be good for diabetes and improving fertility.

Healthy skin

The black cumin oil is used extensively as a homemade skincare product. The oil rejuvenates the dead cells and obliterates the skin blemishes. A Dermatological Survey accentuated that a lotion imbued with 10 percent black seed can avert acne. 

 The oil hosts antioxidant properties which shields skin from free radicals that can damage the cells and leads to the roughness of skin. Thus, gentle massage of black seed oil can proffer smooth and hydrated skin. 

Manages high cholesterol

This oil hosts a fair share of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid which scales down the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Oleic acid and linoleic acid are the healthy fatty acids imbued in black seed oil. However, the amount of healthy fatty acids is linked to the place where seeds are grown. 3

Relieves stomach ailment

The consumption of black seed oil provides relief against stomach cramps and pain. It also reduces flatulence and can help in bloating. Also, the oil from the tiny wonder seeds can find scourges like a stomach ulcer. 

Reduces asthma symptoms

The oil hosts indispensable anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce asthma symptoms. This effect can also be helpful in averting bronchitis symptoms. The same property is useful in fighting allergies in some individuals. 

Good for diabetes

Some studies claimed that black seed oil can be boon for diabetic’s patient. The oil holds anti-diabetic properties and can elevate the blood sugar level.  

Improves fertility

A clinical trial on men with low sperm count has accentuated that black seed oil can stimulate the sperm movement and can elevate the sperm count. 

Advice & Warning

We have seen the uses and health benefits of black seed oil but its over incorporation can trigger some ill effects as well especially in a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Hence it is advised to consult your doctor before supplementing the oil to your regular diet. 

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