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How to Prepare Sea Moss

This post will help you prepare Irish Sea Moss at home like a pro. Preparing sea moss is key to making sea moss gel, sea moss powder, sea moss capsules and sea moss drink.

Irrespective of types of sea moss (organic sea moss, wild crafted sea moss, Jamaican sea moss, purple sea moss, sea moss gold) you have purchased the process of preparing sea moss going to be the same.

  • Organic sea moss
  • Wild crafted sea moss
  • Jamaican sea moss
  • Purple sea moss
  • Sea moss gold

Utensils You Need to Prepare to Sea Moss

Using right utensils will help you prepare sea moss well and easily and you’ll feel that you have followed the process. Here is list of utensils that are required to have.

  1. A Pot to soak sea moss
  2. A trainer to strain sea moss
  3. A plate to check sea moss
  4. A pair of tongs

Methods to Prepare Sea Moss

Preparing sea moss methods differ continent to continent, here is a common approach to preparing sea moss at home.

  1. Read the package instructions if any
  2. Wash the Sea Moss a few times in plain water
  3. Soak Sea Moss for 30-40 minutes in a pot full of water and a few limes in half
  4. Take out the sea moss with tongs
  5. Put Sea Moss in a strainer

Now, your sea moss is ready to take sea moss preparation to the next level. It depends on you what you would like to make sea moss gel, sea moss powder or sea moss drink.

Here is a quick guide to take sea moss preparation to the next level.

Sea Moss Gel Preparation

To make sea moss gel at home following methods to prepare sea moss first then simmer sea moss in a steel pot with covering water for 30-40 minutes and then strain the water and let it cool this will become the sea moss gel. But a lot of people blend sea moss with sea moss strained water and call it sea moss gel.

Sea Moss Powder Preparation

After following the sea moss preparation methods, let your sea moss dry in open air, it may take some time. Make sure sea moss is covered while you are drying the sea moss to grind it into powder.

Once, your sea moss powder is ready you can make sea moss capsules or you can add sea moss powder to tea, drinks and smoothies.

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AD - Related Products from Amazon