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Seaweed for Dog as Food

This post will help you understand what Seaweeds can be given to your domestic dogs and their health benefits as well. Remember – seaweed can never be the main food. It’s highly nutritious and mineral rich. You are always advised to feed your pet dog seaweed as a supplement.

What is Seaweed?

Seaweeds are sea vegetables that are found across the globe in almost every condition and some species of seaweeds are harvested for commercial purposes. It is used in food production, medicine production, cosmetics, as a fertilizer, fuel, alternate energy and as a health supplement as well.

Seaweeds are mostly found in the ocean; at the coast, rocky parts of the ocean, floating on the water, and at the sea bed. Seaweeds of different types and these grow in different conditions. 

There are thousands of Seaweed species which are called algae in Botanical terms.Out of  thousands of algae species; seaweeds are the edible algae that can be eaten by us you are never advised to eat algae from the ocean directly. It’s always a healthy choice to buy and eat processed seaweeds.

Bottom Line

Seaweeds are edible algae that are tested and proven to be served not only to human beings but also to our domestic animals like dog, cat, cow and buffaloes.

What Seaweed can you feed your pet dog?

Yes! That’s a right question. So you cannot feed your dog any seaweed species from the market.

I am quickly going to list some of the seaweed foods for your dogs. These Seaweed foods are specially made for dogs, so if you have a cat, buy seaweed that is specifically made for cats.

Seaweed Calcium for Dogs

This seaweed calcium supplement for dogs and cats provides calcium, magnesium, and 72 trace minerals. This is good for daily use but for pregnant pets it is a must.

Wholistic Pet Organics Supplement

Sea Kelp is a rich source of natural minerals which help improve body function and also mineral deficiency like iodine.

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium

Calcium is must intake for breast feeding animals. Seaweed calcium is natural and organic.

The Missing Link Pet Kelp Formula

This kelp formula powder can be diluted and added to most pet food. Please consult your vet before you start feeding this to your dog or cat.

Can Dogs Eat Seaweed Sheet?

Yes, if your dogs like to eat Seaweed sheets that is edible. There could be many types of seaweed sheets that your dogs would like to eat like seaweed kelp sheets that are not eaten and used directly but soaked in water or added to umami flavored stocks in Asian cuisines.

Seaweed sheets that directly eaten and used as an ingredient is nori sheets, that is used as sushi and temaki wrappers. Nori sheets also stripped to garnish the dishes and roasted to prepare light and healthy snacks that generally served with the breakfast.

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