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Seaweed for Dog as Food

This post will help you understand what Seaweeds can be given to your domestic dogs and their health benefits as well. Remember – seaweed can never be the main food. It’s highly nutritious and mineral rich. You are always advised to feed your pet dog seaweed as a supplement. What is Seaweed? Seaweeds are sea … Read more

Algae Food: You Can Eat Today

algae food

Algae have been served to humans as food in different parts of the World for centuries. The most common edible algae, that are used to prepare food, are wakame, nori, hijiki, kelp, sea moss, spirulina, chlorella, agar-agar, bladder-wrack, sea-grapes, and many more. But in recent years these algae species have been used to produce real … Read more

Seaweed Food for Pets – Dogs and Cats

seaweed calcium food for pets

Nutrition in the diet is essential for health as well as humans and animals. If we include nutrition in our diet daily it will be best for sustained growth. In the same way, healthy nutritious diet is also very important for animals.  As we know Seaweed contains all essential nutrients like fatty acids, omega-3, magnesium, … Read more