Sea Moss Advantages & Disadvantages

Wondering about advantages and disadvantages of eating sea moss? Let me explain everything that you need to know about sea moss. Please keep in mind that recently sea moss has got media coverage and attention and people around the world, want to try sea moss. On the other hand, the market has increased demand for … Read more

Is Sea Moss Alkaline?

Yes, sea moss is alkaline but not every sea moss is the same because sea moss comes from all over the world and there are five different varieties of species of sea mass and each of them have a similar yet varying nutritional profile.

Is Sea Moss Good For Kidneys?

As you might already know, sea moss is a highly nutritious substance and this may differ depending on where the sea moss is coming from. Seemas has minerals in high quality, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids Which are essential to our human body but since you are already suffering from kidney disease, you should always … Read more

Gelidium Caulacantheum

Gelidium caulacantheum is from red algae family, Gelidium has the largest species of 134, which are most diverse and found all over the world. Gelidium species are commonly harvested and extracted for Agar, for its gel properties with water. Gelidium species extracts are mostly used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cardboard, paper, paint and processed foods. … Read more