Cyanophyceae: General Characters and Classification

There are about 160 genera and 1.500 species in Cyanophyceae. In India, the class is represented by 98 genera and 833 species. The members of Cyanophycrae (Myxophyceae) are commonly known as blue-green algae as their principal pigment is a bluish-green e- phycocyanin. They also contain chlorophyll a, B-carotene and e-phycoerythrin. They differ from other algae: … Read more

Classification of Algae – Learn Suffixes & Categories

Chlorophyll is present in all groups of algae, but in some groups pigments other than chlorophyll are dominant and mask the green color of chlorophyll. On the basis of their color following four groups were recognized. Myxophyceae or Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae): dominant pigment e-phycocyanin Chlorophyceae (green algae): dominant pigment chlorophyll a and b  Phaeophyceae (brown … Read more

Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Reviews –  I know them since the beginning

eversmith organics sea moss reviews

Eversmith Organics Sea Moss gel products are basically fruit, berry and herb flavored sea moss gel, packed in jars and sold individually and in bundles too.   Eversmith Organics has been producing and selling flavored sea moss gel for the last 3-4 years, Eversmith Organics initially started selling on amazon USA and now they have their … Read more

Sea Moss Advantages & Disadvantages

Wondering about advantages and disadvantages of eating sea moss? Let me explain everything that you need to know about sea moss. Please keep in mind that recently sea moss has got media coverage and attention and people around the world, want to try sea moss. On the other hand, the market has increased demand for … Read more