Best Seaweed Flakes: Uses & Health Benefits

seaweed flakes garnish

seaweed flakes can be used as rice topping, as a seasoning for your salads and soups and it is also used as a takoyaki ingredient, it can also be added to Japanese, Korean breakfast salads and soups and once you have the seaweed flakes you can use them as salt alternative. As you might already … Read more

Sea Moss FAQs

Frequently asked questions about sea moss and its uses on the internet. This post is all about the sea moss FAQs and their almost appropriate answers. But before if you really don’t know what sea moss is. I’ve got a very quick introduction below and then I have listed the FAQs list that is going … Read more

Health Benefits of Eating Red, Green, & Blue Green algae

Edible Algae are Green Algae Blue Green Algae Red Algae Aglae are rich source of minerals & trace minerals, fibers, omega-3 (DHA, EPA), vitamins C, fatty acids, vitamin B12, and proteins. Health Benefits of Green algae Green algae can benefits in Detoxifies Heavy Metals from Body, Good for Brain, Liver, Kidney, Boosts Immunity, Lowers Cholesterol, … Read more