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Red Algae Supplements – Health Benefits

What Are Red Algae?

Red algae are also known as Rhodophyta. It is an ancient Greek name belongs to the oldest group of eukaryotic algae. Over 6000 species can be seen attached to other sea plants.  These are red in color because of the presence of chlorophyll by phycobilin pigments. You may find 5 % of red algae in freshwater. Red algae are also classified into some species like dulse, Irish moss, coralline algae or laver, etc.  Red algae are an important part of the ecosystem because they are eaten by sea animals like worms, fishes, etc. Humans eat them too because it has certain health benefits in the form of supplements. Let’s talk some more about red algae and red algae supplements.

Red Marine Algae – Supplement

red algae supplement
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Red Algae Species

Red algae have about 7000 species, but it has very constant taxonomy and every year new species are introduced. Only 200 species survive in fresh water. Today, we will talk about some of the species of red algae which are as given below:-

Irish Moss

The most common species of red algae is Irish moss (also called sea moss)which has scientific name called Chondrus Crispus. These species are found on the rocky parts of Atlantic coasts of North America and Europe. Irish moss is used as food as well as supplements. It also has health benefits which are mentioned as above:-

  • It helps in fighting against cancer disease.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Cures heart diseases.
  • Helps in improving thyroid problems.
  • Gives you positive energy and strong mental health.
  • Lowers cholesterol in the body.
irish moss supplement
Irish Moss Supplement


Dulse or Palmaria palmate is also species of red algae. They are found in the cold water in North Atlantic Ocean and Northwest Pacific Ocean.  It ranges from red to purple color. Dulse is used as a cooking ingredient, snacks or medical. Dulse has following health benefits:-

  • Strengthens the nervous system.
  • Digestion is improved.
  • Builds up the immune
  • Thyroid disorders can be prevented.
  • Chronic diseases are prevented.
dulse supplement
Dulse Supplement


This red algae species is known by the name of umutgasari. It is very important species which is commonly found on the shallow coast of South Korea and Japan. This alga is used for making agar-agar. It has following uses and benefits which are as given below.

  • This alga is used in salads, jams or puddings.
  • Agar- agar is also used as beauty product which gives you soft and hydrated skin.
  • It also helps in maintaining fat levels and toxins in the body.
  • It also gives you beautiful and strong hair.
  • Controls your High blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.
agar agar powder
agar supplement
Agar Supplement

Red Hornweed

It has also another scientific name .i.e. Ceramium virgatum. It is small in size thus called small red marine alga. Red hornweed may be found at rock pools and in habitats of upper sun littoral. It is repeatedly branch and grows up to 30 cm long. You cannot identify them very easily.

red hornweed

Red Algae Supplements

There are also available some red algae supplements which are available online. They are available online. Now we will list some of the red algae supplements which are as follows:-

Mountain Fresh Gigartina Red Marine Algae Powder Pure Herb Capsules:

red algae supplement

Solaray Red Marine Algae Capsules:

It is red algae dietary supplement which is 100 % vegetarian and Non-GMO product. The composition per capsule is 375 mg and Rhodymenia Palmata. It contains natural ingredients like dulse also known as red marine algae. This supplement has following benefits:-

  • It may help you in supporting your immune health.
  • Nutritive support for other diseases.
  • Supports your mental health and inflammatory.
  • It is an herbal product so does not cause any harm to the body.
  • It is advisable to take supplements under doctor’s medication.
solaray red algae supplement

Solgar, Oceanic Silica, From Red Algae

This product is dairy and gluten free. It is an excellent source of calcium .i.e. supports bone health. It should be consumed by adults, 2 capsules in a day during mealtimes. Following are its benefits.

  • It is the richest source of calcium, thus it supports in bone health.
  • Good for vegan people.
  • It also contains silicon which also takes care of your bones.
  • It is a complete dietary supplement.
  • If you are on any medication, please take doctor’s advice before using them.
silica from red algae

So above article was all about red algae, red algae species like Irish moss also called sea moss, dulse, and agar-agar, and red algae supplements. You can buy red algae supplements online or from the pharmacy. Consult your doctor before you start taking any supplement. Read all the instructions on the pack before consuming it.

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