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All About Algae – Edible Algae, Health Supplements, Food Source Alternative

edible seaweed algae

Algae are a class of plant-like creatures that are mostly aquatic, photosynthetic, and nucleus-bearing but lack the real roots, stems, leaves, and complex multicellular reproductive systems that plants have all over the world, mostly found in the water bodies. Don’t get confused with words like alga, algae and seaweed. First of all, algae is not … Read more

Health Benefits of Eating Red, Green, & Blue Green algae

Edible Algae are Green Algae Blue Green Algae Red Algae Aglae are rich source of minerals & trace minerals, fibers, omega-3 (DHA, EPA), vitamins C, fatty acids, vitamin B12, and proteins. Health Benefits of Green algae Green algae can benefits in Detoxifies Heavy Metals from Body, Good for Brain, Liver, Kidney, Boosts Immunity, Lowers Cholesterol, … Read more

Best Algae Snacks

algae snacks

If you love eating snacks but you do not want to eat the regular snacks for whatever reason; algae snacks can be well proven option for you to gratify your hunger of snacks and at the same time – with no side-effects like weight gain. Instead, algae snacks can help lose weight, because algae snacks … Read more