Refreshing Health Benefits of Sea Moss Drink

Sea Moss Drink

Sea moss is mainly known as red algae which are grown in abundant amount along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America. It has a scientific name called Chondrus crispus. Sea moss drink is a very popular Caribbean drink which is made up of dried sea moss along with the various sweeteners and milk. Basically, Sea moss is made up by soaking dried sea moss in lime juice overnight and then you can boil them in water and mixed with cinnamon and hence it becomes jellylike. When it cools down, then it is blended with sweeteners like vanilla, sugar or nutmeg.

These drinks are very popular among Caribbean countries and Jamaica. People like to have these drinks because of their various health benefits.  It provides gastrointestinal and other skin benefits.

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Sea Moss Drink Benefits

Today we will discuss some of the benefits of sea moss drink which are as mentioned below:-

  • Improves your gastrointestinal problems: Sea moss drink improves your gastrointestinal problems as it contains good and healthy amount of minerals like sulfur, calcium, potassium or iodine and vitamins like A, E, F,K and D. It is chemical combination of sea moss which helps in heating and consumption of liquid which helps in treating other intestinal problems and obesity, tumors or ulcers.

  • Skin benefits: Sea Moss drink also helps in hydrating your skin and also repairs various skin problems like psoriasis, eczema rashes or sunburns. It also helps in repairing cellular walls of skin if you use it regularly.

  • Boosts your immunity: It also helps in boosting your immune system of the body. It helps in strengthening connective tissues. It also helps in promoting medical issues like pneumonia and TB (tuberculosis).

  • Thyroid disorders improved: Sea moss contains DI-Iodothyronine which gets broken by T3 that helps in curing thyroid gland. Sea moss drink also contains selenium which helps in the production of thyroid hormone. It also has iodine in a good amount which also helps in the functioning of thyroid gland.

  • Promotes mental health: This energy drink consists of minerals like potassium which helps in the functioning of body cells. It boosts up your mental health and relieves from mental disorders like agitation, anxiety, moodiness, and It also acts like detoxifying agents as it removes heavy metal residues from the body.

  • Weight loss: Sea Moss drink is very low-calorie drink and moreover it is rich in nutrients, thus it may help you in losing weight. It helps in improving the intestinal tract with lots of material. It may also help you in preventing anytime snacking or binge eating.

  • Energy boosters: It also boosts your energy of the body. It also promotes metabolic enzyme process which is essential in absorbing the nutrients and maintains muscle strength of your body.

  • Helps in curing anemia: When your body shows very fewer hemoglobin levels and decreases RBC’s, then the oxygen circulated in the body became very low. Thus sea moss helps in improving deficiencies of iron and cures anemia. It also improves the immunity levels of the body.

  • Solves respiration problems: Though sea moss drink is a good source of potassium, so it helps in preventing inflammation and also prevents congestion. Antiviral agent’s help in preventing all types of infections like tuberculosis, coughs, bronchitis, and many more.

  • Improves in good digestion: Sea moss is very mild in nature and contains a lot of fiber, so it helps in quick digestion. It also helps you in improving digestion related problems like gastritis, nausea, and heartburn.

  • Radiation poisoning prevented: As we know sea moss drink has a sufficient amount of iodine, thus it helps you in preventing the side effects of radiation therapy. It also recovers you from cancers and poisons that are mostly caused by radiations.

Irish Moss, Makes a Refreshing Drink

irish moss to make refreshing drink

How to make sea moss drink?

Now, we will discuss how sea moss drink is to be made. There are some steps which will help you in making sea moss drink. There are 2 phases in which you may prepare your sea moss drink. So following are some steps which one has to follow while making sea moss drink is as mentioned below:-

Phase 1:

This phase will describe how to make Sea Moss Gel. Following are some steps which will help in preparing sea moss gel are as given below:-

  • In the very first step, you have to take sea moss and soak them in cold water for 15 minutes (please don’t soak them overnight as they can lose their nutritional facts).
  • Now, take a pot and fill them with 2 quarts of fresh water
  • You have to add soaked sea moss and cinnamon sticks. Allow them to boil for 20-25 minutes on a very slow flame.
  • Now, the material will get softer and the water will get thickens. Remove cinnamon sticks from the
  • Now cool the solution and refrigerate it overnight and it will change into a gel.

(Dr. Sebi) Sea Moss and Bladderwrack Gel Mix

dr sebi irish moss and bladderwrack gel mix
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Phase 2:

In this phase, we will learn about how to make sea moss drink. Here are some steps which help you in preparing sea moss drink are as mentioned below:-

  • Take out sea moss gel and also take 2 cups of water which depends on the thickness of the gel.
  • Also, take some vanilla essence and a small can of sweetened condensed milk and a very small amount of nutmeg for flavor only.
  • Now, take all the ingredients in a blender until all the pieces get chopped.
  • You may serve them chilled and add additional flavors like rum etc.
  • Your sea moss drink is ready, drink it and avail their benefits.

So from the information, we talked about sea moss drink, where you can find them, sea moss benefits and how you can prepare it on your own. We recommend you to add this drink to your diet and avail of all their benefits. So stay healthy and sound by choosing the right food in your diet.

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