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Algae Food: You Can Eat Today

Algae have been served to humans as food in different parts of the World for centuries. The most common edible algae, that are used to prepare food, are wakame, nori, hijiki, kelp, sea moss, spirulina, chlorella, agar-agar, bladder-wrack, sea-grapes, and many more.

But in recent years these algae species have been used to produce real food and are exported to the other parts of the World. In Asia, people have been adding certain edible algae to their soup, salad, vegetables,  and meat. But recent studies have found that algae can be used to produce real food like algae snacks, drink, tea, red meat. You can already find ready made algae snacks packages in your favorite of flavor online and offline.

Industry experts say that algae is going to be the source of food for the future generation. By 2050 the world’s population is going to expand exponentially. At the same our traditional food production is going to decline due to global warming and other hindrance. 

Since algae is highly nutrition rich food and does not require any specific kind of land, it can be cultivated anywhere, even in desert. Governments and experts are very hopeful of this viable plant and in many parts of World Algae are already gaining investors’ attentions.

Algae is said to offer seven times more protein and other nutritious properties than soybean. 

Algae food that you can eat today….

Healthy food is  highly nutritious if you haven’t eaten algae before you are advised to start eating algae food in very minimal quantities. You are never advised to pick algae from the ocean and start eating some of them that are toxic. Always prefer trying and eating processed algae food. 

Algae Snacks

Mostly nori sheets are used to prepare algae snacks that are available in many flavours.

Algae Meat

 Red meat made of algae is available in certain parts of the world you can try them 

Algae Oil

Algae oil is available for cooking and as a supplement source of omega-3 and omega-6. 

Algae Health Supplement

 There are many algae species that are used to produce health supplements for humans and animals as well. Some of them are mineral rich, some are fibre rich, some are fatty acids rich algae.

Algae Salad

Wakame is used to make seaweed salad mainly but assorted Algae are also available for salad  preparation. But wakame is readily available in almost every part of the world. 

Algae Soup

Kelp is used to prepare stock that can be added to vegetables, meat and even soups. However, you can make wakame soup and assorted seaweed/algae soup as well.

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