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Health Benefits of Eating Red, Green, & Blue Green algae

Health Benefits of Algae

Edible Algae are

  1. Green Algae
  2. Blue Green Algae
  3. Red Algae

Aglae are rich source of minerals & trace minerals, fibers, omega-3 (DHA, EPA), vitamins C, fatty acids, vitamin B12, and proteins.

Health Benefits of Green algae

Green algae can benefits in Detoxifies Heavy Metals from Body, Good for Brain, Liver, Kidney, Boosts Immunity, Lowers Cholesterol, Antioxidant, Normalizes Blood Pressure, Lowers Blood Sugar Level, Good for Asthma,

Health Benefits of Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae can benefit in High Blood Pressure, Hay fever, Arsenic poisoning, Athletic performance, Diabetes, Fatigue, Hepatitis C, Obesity, Cancer, Digestion, Anxiety, Memory, Wound Healing, PMS, Depressions.

Health Benefits of Red Algae

Red Algae can benefit in Weight Loss, Hair Growth, Skin Treatment, Malnutrition, Vision, Liver, Digestion, Thyroid.

Algae are also consumed in iron deficiency and calcium deficiency.

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