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Best Algae Snacks

If you love eating snacks but you do not want to eat the regular snacks for whatever reason; algae snacks can be well proven option for you to gratify your hunger of snacks and at the same time – with no side-effects like weight gain. Instead, algae snacks can help lose weight, because algae snacks are the natural rich source of dietary fiber, proteins and minerals.

Mostly, Red Algae are used to prepare seaweed snacks. This alga has its own name and it is called nori sheet, also called nori seaweed. Nori sheet has been in use for centuries in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China. This nori sheet is used to roll sushi across the world.

Here are few best algae snacks that are readily available in the market. They are available in many flavors and textures. No matter where you are from; algae snacks are prepared with your local ingredients.

These Algae Snacks are famous in the market with its common name ‘Seaweed Snacks’.

Crispy Algae Snack – Almonds & Sesame

This roasted algae/seaweed (nori) snack is made with nori sheet and flavored with sesame seed and almond flacks.

This is Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free: Nori sheet is packed with vital minerals and nutrients. Kids and adults both can benefit from this seaweed snack.

Crispy Seaweed Nori Snack

Roasted Algae Snack – Sea Salt

Here comes the sea salt flavored, crispy roasted to the perfection premium seaweed/alga snack. This is organic nori snack for a healthy on the go snacking.

This pack is available in many flavors like extra virgin olive oil, wasabi, and sesame.

Roasted Seaweed/alga Snack

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack – CHIPOTLE

This is spicy crunchy roasted seaweed snack loaded natural minerals for midnight snack craving. This alga snack pack comes in your favorite flavors like onion, extra virgin olive oil, wasabi, and sea salt.

Addictive Alga Seaweed Snack

Baked Seaweed Crisps

This is best-selling Seaweed Snacks and layered them over hearty, crispy brown rice chips for a uniquely delicious, savory snack with a crunch and taste. So crunch on! This cholesterol-free also gluten-free and 100% vegan alga/seaweed snack.

Baked Seaweed Crisps – brown rice chips

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